In a rapidly changing world characterised by decreasing job security, globalisation, technology, cultural diversity and over-exposure to the internet, young people are increasingly required to be skilled, digitally connected, resilient and adaptable. 

In 2015, VicHealth commissioned a CSIRO report, Bright Futures: Megatrends impacting the mental wellbeing of young Victorians over the coming 20 years, which raised questions about how Victoria can prepare and educate young people to be resilient. Out of this (and the launch of the VicHealth Mental Wellbeing Strategy 2015–2019) came the inaugural Bright Futures for Young Victorians Challenge 2016, which provided funding to projects aiming to find solutions to building resilience and social connection in young people. 

Learning Impact Fund grant rounds

In July 2016, VicHealth partnered with Evidence for Learning (E4L) to co-invest in the Learning Impact Fund grant. The grant is an initiative addressing the lack of rigorous evidence on the cost and effectiveness of educational practice in Australian schools. It is designed to improve the academic achievement of schoolchildren and build their resilience skills.