20 Nov, 2014 Last updated: 04 Mar, 2015

On Thursday 27th October 2014 a group of changemakers spanning digital innovation, youth services, physical activity, education and mental health promotion, came together to discuss the opportunities that digital technologies offer us for increasing young people's resilience.

Below are a few points that came up in each of the discussions and some pictures of the conversation notes that were captured.

Digital technologies

Digital technologies can be tools for changing offline behaviour, a catalyst, need to consider the offline experience as part of the design.

There are a lot of interesting initiatives out in the world, we need to think about how we add value to that rather than duplicating.

Young people

The target audience needs to be very clearly defined, 10-25 years is way too large. Young people of different ages and peer groups are drawn to different social media platforms.

The current trend is toward more anonymous, less enduring platforms such as snapchat or fling.

The pace of change means we need to work closely with young people to design effective strategies that build on young people's strengths.


Flourishing implies a focus on increasing the things that make people resilient rather than reducing the things that put people at risk.

We need to think about this on a community level (i.e. what things make communities stronger) as well as an individual level.

VicHealth is currently considering applications for a Digital Co-creation Producer to support us in developing the next stage of our work. We look forward to continuing the conversation over the coming months.