27 Oct, 2017 Last updated: 10 Apr, 2018

"Gender equality, health and wellbeing" is VicHealth’s strategy to promote gender equality for improved health and wellbeing 2017–19.

Download: Gender equality, health and wellbeing strategy 2017–19 (PDF, 169 KB)

VicHealth’s vision for gender equality is a Victoria where everyone can realise their full potential for health and wellbeing, regardless of gender. Our work is about finding and delivering solutions that build the social, economic, political and cultural foundations that enable women and girls to participate fully and equally in all aspects of their lives.

Our efforts to increase gender equality under this Strategy focus on improving outcomes for women and girls. This reflects the significant mental and physical health impacts they experience as a result of gender inequality, and its role as a key driver of violence against women. However these actions can also provide health, social and economic benefits to men, boys and gender diverse, trans and intersex Victorians, and across our wider body of work we will continue to consider the role of gender in the health of all Victorians.

VicHealth’s work in gender equality will contribute to improved health and wellbeing outcomes for Victorian women and girls by building support and enabling action for gender equality in all aspects of their lives, resulting in health, social and economic benefits for the Victorian community as a whole.

Our approach harnesses our strong partnerships with the health, sport, business, media, research, human rights, education, justice, arts and community sectors. 

We contribute to government and cross-sectoral action by delivering a range of programs and campaigns, and building the evidence base.