Alcohol is one of the top 10 avoidable causes of disease and death in Victoria.

The majority of Victorians drink responsibly, often while spending quality recreational time with friends and family. However, drinking has a collective cost borne by all of us. Through its links to injury, accidents, violence and over 200 physical and mental illnesses, alcohol is one of the top 10 avoidable causes of disease and death in Victoria.

It has been estimated to cost $4.3 billion every year to the health and justice systems, workplaces, families and individual Victorians.

Alcohol bottle

Because so many Victorians drink and we have a culture that encourages drinking, the harms arising from alcohol are spread very widely across the community. This means that while the capacity for benefit is great among chronic and regular binge drinkers, we all stand to gain from an improved alcohol culture in Victoria and an overall decline in drinking.

The VicHealth Alcohol Strategy 2016-2019 builds on our extensive experience in preventing harm from alcohol, highlighting focus areas for the next three years to drive achievement our 3-year alcohol priority: more people and environments that support effective reduction in harmful alcohol use.   

VicHealth works to promote effective interventions, improving community awareness and enabling all Victorians to take responsibility for alcohol harm reduction.