June 2013 - June 2016 Last updated: 06 Jul, 2016

In 2013, we joined forces with Hello Sunday Morning (HSM) - an initiative that supports Victorians to take a break from drinking, or to cut back.

Hello Sunday Morning, or HSM, is a movement towards a better drinking culture. Hello Sunday Morning has helped thousands of Australians rethink their relationship with booze - without judgement. VicHealth’s partnership with Hello Sunday Morning aimed to up the ante in Victoria, and change the culture of drinking, particularly among young people aged 16-29.

We also sought to:

  • Promote cultural and attitude change in the way Victorians use alcohol through a long-term campaign that highlights the benefits of low-risk drinking.
  • Build an innovative, self-sustaining program that can achieve measurable decreases in Victorian’s alcohol consumption.
  • Evaluate the impact of the HSM tool and continue to improve, modify and expand the program.

During this three-year, $300,000 partnership:

  • Public relations and social media campaigns drove Victorian registrations to Hello Sunday Morning to 10,388 - an increase of 9,383 users (or up 933%) since 2013, and well-exceeding the target of 7,500.
  • More Victorians engaged with the HSM website – there was a 227% increase in monthly website visitors from Victoria and 274% increase in new visitors (October 2013 compared with January 2014).
  • A new gamification feature encouraged greater interaction of Victorian users with the HSM website – in excess of 100% increases across all of the following; blog posts, comments on blogs, following of other users and reading blogs.
  • HSM established sustainable revenues through their new premium service, online store and through receiving funding from the Federal Government, Vodafone and Macquarie Group Foundation.
  • HSM launched a new app and improvements to their desktop and tablet program, allowing HSM users to choose either a 3 or 12 month break from alcohol, or to moderate their drinking.
  • During 2015 ‘O-Week’, HSM conducted a micro-challenge at Victorian universities to generate ideas on how to change drinking culture, with 272 students participating –10% of which also went on to sign up to HSM.
  • A 2014/15 evaluation of Victorian participation in Hello Sunday Morning found HSM to be an effective program in supporting individuals to reduce their drinking, with nearly two-thirds of the sample reporting reduced alcohol consumption following completion of the program. Furthermore, HSM users reported other substantial benefits to participating in the program, with over half of the sample reporting improved physical health (53%) and feeling positive about self (51%).

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