Jun 2014 – Mar 2015 Last updated: 20 Jul, 2015

As a part of VicHealth’s Water Initiative (with the goal of more Victorians choosing water instead of drinks with added sugar), VicHealth is interested in assessing the access to and supply of drinking water in specific settings within key City of Melbourne locations

Working in conjunction with the Social Research Group, and as part of a broader multi-component initiative to encourage a greater consumption of water by all Victorians, this research will help inform action enabling people to choose water as a drink in preference to sugary drinks. A number of high traffic public spaces have been prioritised as settings to research current water access and supply patterns: sports and recreation facilities, open spaces and public transport nodes. There will be 32 sites in total that will be included in the research. Observational and intercept interviewing will take place  at each site to determine:

  • Awareness of water sources within the area
  • Current and/or past behaviour when accessing water at the particular site
  • Motivations to choose water over sugary drinks or other beverages at this site
  • Barriers to choosing water over sugary drinks or other beverages at this site
  • Preference for water access modes (e.g. refilling vs direct access vs purchasing)

The research will provide VicHealth with a greater understanding of the motivations or barriers to water consumption with the aim of providing recommendations and guidelines for how water consumption can be promoted in different settings.