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Find out about our Impact Research Grants. We’re proud to be investing in research projects that are designed to create a healthier and fairer future for Victorians. 
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18 min read
22 Oct 2019
The home for vaping facts, resources and news on our website
1 min read
11 Sep 2023
VicHealth Fellowships for early career researchers VicHealth Fellowships for early career researchers    What you'll find on this page: Application dates Application...
Funding page
2 min read
12 Feb 2023
It’s critical to get the transition from school to stable employment ‘right’ to protect the mental health of young people. New VicHealth research suggests practical ways for schools...
Research and publications
3 min read
5 Oct 2021
Programs and projects
4 min read
26 Nov 2014
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Research and publications
11 min read
9 Mar 2023
When it comes to our brain, even when we drink a “moderate” amount of alcohol, nearly every part of our brain matter is negatively affected, resulting in both short- and long-term...
4 min read
29 Jun 2021
Looking to apply for the Impact Research Grants 2022-23, but have questions? Well, you’re at the right place because we have answers.We’ve pulled together some common questions we see...
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3 min read
4 Mar 2022
The sodium in salt is linked to 1 in 20 deaths in Victoria, risks of high blood pressure and heart failure, stomach cancer and osteoporosis. Yet we consume more than 15,000 tonnes of salt a...
Research and publications
1 min read
12 May 2015
The key finding of this research report suggests that any variation to current rates of alcohol excise would be a cost-effective healthcare intervention.Download:Resource 1: Strengthening the...
Research and publications
1 min read
16 Nov 2014
Artwork by Dexx (Gunditjmara/Boon Wurrung) ‘Mobs Coming Together’ 2022
VicHealth acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land. We pay our respects to all Elders past, present and future.
This website may contain images, names and voices of deceased people.

VicHealth acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.

Artwork Credit: Dexx (Gunditjmara/Boon Wurrung) ‘Mobs Coming Together’ 2022, acrylic on canvas. Learn more about this artwork.