VicHealth focuses on strengthening social connections to improve health and wellbeing – both mental and physical.

Our social connections comprise people we know; the friends we confide in, the family we belong to and the community we live in. The need to belong, be connected and engaged in group and civic activities are intrinsic to mental health and wellbeing.

Person leaping into the airThese seemingly simple needs have a profound impact on mental health and wellbeing. However, activities that focus on enhancing social connection and participation must bring together many complex elements.

Important aspects of social connection include:

  • supportive social networks; family, friends and community groups
  • participation in social activities such as those run by community groups or clubs
  • civic engagement through community groups, such as church or volunteer, service clubs, and professional or political associations.

Indigenous Runway

Indigenous Arts Program

VicHealth has a long and proud history of supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander initiatives in the arts and creative industries. Connection to culture is crucially important to health and wellbeing, especially involving the voices of next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in conversations around solution and decision that will impact their future.   

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Script reading class

Future Makers for Change

Artists and creatives across the state are joining forces with community organisations to help tackle some of the state’s biggest challenges with support from VicHealth, Creative Victoria and others in the new Future Makers for Change program. 

$2.6 million will support nine game changing projects that will showcase the powerful role creativity can play in driving social change. 

An initiative of the Creative State strategy, Future Makers for Change is part of a new Social Impact program, a cross-government initiative to support creative projects that complement government efforts in areas including mental wellbeing, social cohesion, gender equality and family violence. 

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Pitchers of water

Water in Arts: Live music venues

VicHealth is working to increase the supply, access and promotion of water as a drink of choice in live music venues.

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