Last updated: 07 Jun, 2018

Building the Business Case: Healthier food & drink policies


These evaluation summaries are part of a project which aims to build the business case for the economic and health costs and benefits of implementing healthy food and drink policies in healthcare settings (Alfred Health), and sport and recreation facilities (YMCA Victoria and City of Melbourne). They help fill a gap in knowledge about the impact of implementing healthy food and drink choices from the perspective of the retailer, and provide recommendations for organisations planning to undertake similar policy changes to improve population health.

This evaluation was carried out by Deakin University, with funding from VicHealth.


Alfred Health

Download: Introduction of Healthy Choices at Alfred Health food outlets (PDF, 137 KB)

Download: Food Service Retail Evaluation Infographic (PDF, 164 KB)

City of Melbourne

Download: City of Melbourne sports and recreation centre healthy food retail case study (PDF, 240 KB)

Download: Food Service Retail Evaluation Infographic (PDF, 303 KB)

Melton City Council

Download: Melton City Council takes action on sugary drinks in sporting facilities (PDF, 131 KB)


Download: Going soft drink free in YMCA Victoria aquatic and recreation centres (PDF, 144 KB)

Download: Food Service Retail Evaluation Infographic (PDF, 256 KB)


Healthy choice, the easy choice: nudging towards healthy choices

These case studies showcase inspiring stories that build the business case for community-led roll out of healthy food and drink approaches, such as ‘nudges’, in sport and recreation environments, to encourage people to make a healthy choice. 

The case studies reflect on the work undertaken from projects across several VicHealth programs of work, the State Sport Program, Regional Sport Program, and Water Initiative Grants.  

State Sport Program  (Healthy Eating)

Making changes to how healthy food options are available through selected State Sporting Association programs.

Regional Sport Program (Healthy Choices), and Water Initiative Grants

Partnering with Regional Sport Assemblies, State Sport Associations and Local Governments to implement changes within community sport and recreation facilities and clubs, particularly in regional Victoria, to make water the beverage of choice.


Healthy choice – the easy choice ‘nudge’ summaries

VicHealth supports environments which make it easier for Victorians to choose healthy food and drinks such as water.

The documents below have been developed to guide the implementation of the ‘nudge’ technique to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

A ‘nudge’ is designed to encourage consumers to make healthier choices, by changing the placement, product, pricing or promotion of healthier food and drinks in preference to unhealthy options. For examples, sugary drinks are not visible in a drinks fridge. 

Download: Promote water – limit red drinks. Display nudge 1 (PDF, 385 KB)

Download: Promote water – red drinks off display. Display nudge 2 (PDF, 385 KB)

Download: Promote water – make water the cheapest option. Pricing nudge 3 (PDF, 154 KB)

Download: Promote healthy food and drinks – meal deals. Promotion nudge 4 (PDF, 171 KB)

Download: Data collection process (PDF, 160 KB)

Download: Drinks summary (PDF, 118 KB)



  • The Victorian Government has developed the Healthy Choices framework for community settings, such as hospitals and health services and sport and recreation centres, to improve the availability and promotion of healthy foods and drinks. Click here to view.
  • If you are working at a Victorian hospital, health service or sport and recreation centre implementing Healthy Choices, you may also wish to speak to an experienced nutritionist or dietitian at the Healthy Eating Advisory Service on 1300 22 52 88.
  • For more information on implementing healthy choices, including promoting water and reducing sugary drinks, visit the Rethink Sugary Drink website.