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There are so many ways to choose health. Try our 10 strategies for a healthier life.   Want to feel better and live a healthier life?  VicHealth has put together 10 strategies to...
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5 Oct 2021
We know the vast majority of Victorians think it’s important that sporting clubs provide an environment that makes women and girls feel welcome, and provides leadership opportunities for women...
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2 min read
7 Oct 2019
What’s holding us back from moving more , and how do we overcome it? Let’s say an old friend invites you to join their social netball league, and you’ve never played netball before. Are...
26 min read
13 Dec 2022
VicHealth is a proud partner of parkrun – a free, weekly community event held across Victoria every Saturday morning. parkrun is a positive, welcoming and inclusive experience where there is...
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25 May 2021
This version aims to assist Victorian community sports clubs to build healthier sporting environments that are more inclusive and welcoming of everyone in their community, particularly women, girls,...
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26 Sep 2022
Our research is all about seeing the bigger picture in health. We’re here to understand what drives preventable disease and the interventions needed to take action and make change. It’s at the...
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28 Nov 2014
Read our evidence-based tips on selecting mental health program providers for sports clubs, leagues and associations.Key messages Providing mental health programs to participants in sports...
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11 Jan 2021
We want to see a future that is vibrant, active and connected. Where everyone can easily get around and leave the car at home.Together with researchers, government and policymakers, we want to make...
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15 Dec 2021
We’re investing $5 million in these 27 programs to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of Victoria's young people.   In 2021 we launched The Big Connect, a new investment to...
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26 Sep 2022
Riding a bike is good for health, the planet and connecting people to places for work and play. Despite this, bike riding participation in Victoria is low.To inform planning and practice, there is a...
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29 Nov 2021
Artwork by Dexx (Gunditjmara/Boon Wurrung) ‘Mobs Coming Together’ 2022
VicHealth acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land. We pay our respects to all Elders past, present and future.
This website may contain images, names and voices of deceased people.

VicHealth acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.

Artwork Credit: Dexx (Gunditjmara/Boon Wurrung) ‘Mobs Coming Together’ 2022, acrylic on canvas. Learn more about this artwork.