Funding for Community Sporting Clubs. Last updated: 07 Dec, 2018

Grant recipients announced

Download: Active Club Grant Recipients 2018-19 Round 1 (DOCX, 346 KB)

VicHealth is inviting community sport clubs to apply for an Active Club Grant. The grant provides up to $3000 or $10,000 to increase participation opportunities for Victorians in community sport (excluding GST).

Hundreds of clubs have already received an Active Club Grant and are doing fantastic things in their communities to get more people active.

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Active Club Grants 2018-19

The role of VicHealth View more

VicHealth knows how valuable sport is, to get us moving toward better health and wellbeing.

Three out of five women are not getting enough physical activity to benefit their health and many people – particularly people who are less physically active – are interested in more fun, flexible and social sport activities.

This is why VicHealth’s Active Club Grants needs your help to encourage more Victorians to participate in sport through two specific focus areas:

  1. Increasing female participation opportunities
  2. Supporting social and modified sport programs for less active Victorians.

You can find out more about the two focus areas and the funding available by reading the brief Program Guidelines here.

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Applying for a grant View more

Applying for an Active Club Grant is now even easier for community sport clubs! To get you started, VicHealth has created the 5-step application game plan to help you apply.

We encourage community sport clubs to see for themselves just how easy it is to apply for an Active Club Grant. If you hit a hurdle, don’t worry - we are here to help you get back on track.

Click Where to get help below for our contact details.

Funding available View more

There are two funding tiers available to apply for an Active Club Grant. You can also submit two separate applications – one for each tier – but your club can only be successful once.

Applications are to be submitted online. This can be done using the Apply section below.

Tier 1: Up to $3000

This tier is open to all eligible clubs across Victoria. This tier is where the majority of available funds will be allocated, allowing VicHealth to support a wide range of clubs across the state.

Tier 2: Between $3001 and up to $10,000 (limited to 12 successful grants per round)

Clubs applying under tier 2 should be able to demonstrate a membership base of over 200, the ability to reach a large number of community members through a program or multiple teams, or experiencing significant demand resulting from population growth.

Funding focus areas View more

Focus Area 1

VicHealth funding is available to support clubs to implement initiatives to engage more women and girls in sport.

Female participation

  • Almost half as many women take part in organised sport compared to men, and women are most likely to stop playing sport as teenagers.
  • There is more momentum in female sport than ever before, but we need to offer more opportunities for women and girls to get involved in sport at the community level.
  • We encourage your club to think about how you can offer more opportunities for female participation, including
  • new teams
  • new competitions
  • new programs


You can read more here: Helping Women and Girls Get Active Guide


Focus Area 2

VicHealth funding is available to support clubs to implement new social or modified sport programs that target less active Victorians.

Social sport           

  • Social sport opportunities are more flexible or social and less structured than traditional sport activities.
  • These programs have greater emphasis on fun, social interaction and enjoyment, and less emphasis on performance, results and competition.
  • Social sports may have many elements of traditional sport but are primarily
    • for fun and friendship
    • to introduce someone to a sport
    • to bring people back to sport that have dropped out due to injury, time commitments or other circumstances.

Modified sport

Changes are made to existing sports activities to best suit the needs and abilities of inactive or somewhat active people and increase the accessibility of activities to a wider audience. This may include changes to rules, type of equipment, playing area, duration of games and/or scoring to suit skill level/ability.

Sport activities and programs can be modified based on factors, including age, disability, skill level, fitness level, facility availability, location or time.


Modified sport includes

  • introductory junior programs
  • sport-based fitness programs (e.g. Cardio Tennis, Fit Football).
  • programs designed for people with a disability

You can read more here: Clearinghouse for Sport: Modified Sports and Clearinghouse for Sport: Social Sports

Active Club Grant success stories View more

VicHealth invests in hundreds of sports clubs each year to provide more opportunities for Victorians to be active.

Below is just a sample of successful clubs implementing an Active Club Grant.

What could an Active Club Grant do for your club?

Swell Mamas

Cricket Southern Bayside

Altona North Cricket Club            

Cobden Football Netball Club     

Dandenong Cricket Club

Footscray Rugby Union Juniors Club

Wyndham Track and Field

Who can apply? View more
  • community sport clubs based in and conduct majority of their activities in Victoria
  • community sport clubs where the club’s primary sport activities align with a recognised State Sporting Association under the classification provided by Sport and Recreation Victoria as of round opening
  • have not received an Active Club Grant in the past two financial years. However, this condition will be removed for clubs that demonstrate disadvantage and hardship due to flood, drought, bushfires or other natural disasters.
  • be an incorporated association, or a company limited by guarantee
  • have acquitted previous grants awarded to it by VicHealth (to the satisfaction of VicHealth)

Aboriginal community controlled/led sport clubs are also encouraged to apply.

Who can’t apply? View more
  • Local government, Regional Sports Assemblies, State Sporting Associations, or National Sporting Organisations.
  • Schools, churches, community support groups or health services.
  • Professional sport bodies, elite sport teams, or representative teams.
  • Organisations where the purpose of funding is to support activities where the head is a deliberate target or where activity involves striking or kicking another individual with intent to injure.
  • Active recreation clubs/organisations.
Previously funded community sporting clubs View more
  • Community sport clubs who have been awarded an Active Club Grant in the previous two financial years are unable to apply for funding.
  • The below table indicates funding rounds and eligibility to apply in the current round:

If you were funded in these rounds…

…your club is…

2017-18 Round 1 & 2


2016-17 Round 1 & 2


2015-16 Round 1 & 2


2014-15 Round 1 & 2


List of previously funded clubs

Round Two of the 2017-18 Active Club Grants (PDF, 236 KB)

Round One of the 2017-18 Active Club Grants (PDF, 237 KB)

Round Two of the 2016-17 Active Club Grants (PDF, 232 KB) 

Round One of the 2016-17 Active Club Grants (PDF, 230 KB)

Important dates View more



Tuesday 31 July 2018

Launch of the Active Club Grants 2018–19 Round 1

Applications open

Friday 31 August 2018

Applications close

Clubs submit application by 4pm

September – October 2018

Applications assessed by an Assessment Panel including independent representatives

Late November 2018

Clubs will be advised by email of the outcome of their application

Early December 2018

Funding transferred to successful clubs.

Where to get help View more

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions for information about this grant round.

For any queries related to our application system, please see our IT Frequently Asked Questions

You can also email us at or call (03) 9667 1308. We are available 9.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday and aim to respond to all enquiries within 2 business days.

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