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VicHealth’s final alcohol culture change funding round provides a pool of $1.06 million to fund up to six projects delivering solutions to tackle risky drinking cultures for middle and older aged Victorians.

While patterns of drinking and related problems exist broadly across society, drinking norms are not uniform. We know that a one-size approach does not fit all and there is a need to target and tailor our health promotion efforts to reach those most in need, where the risk of harm is greatest.

Alcohol culture underpins the way people drink, including the formal and informal rules, social norms, attitudes and beliefs around what is and what is not socially acceptable for a group of people. 

The Alcohol Cultures Framework provides further information on our approach and should be used as a lens for designing and implementing community projects that tackle cultures of risky drinking.


Recent research has revealed middle-aged and older Australians are increasingly likely to drink at risky levels. As a result, VicHealth is seeking funding applications for projects tackling middle-age and older generations of drinkers – groups that have been overshadowed by a traditional focus on youth drinking.

The Alcohol Culture Change Initiative: Open funding round provides a pool of $1.06 million to change risky drinking cultures across two categories.

Category One: Middle and older age risky drinking cultures

VicHealth is seeking project proposals that target:

Applicants are encouraged to select a target drinking culture and utilise the research insights outlined in the relevant Brief insight report (hyperlinks to reports above) to inform project proposals.

Category Two: Other risky drinking cultures

VicHealth is calling for applicants to identify specific drinking cultures that will provide a setting or target for intervention. Applicants choosing this option will be required to demonstrate their understanding of alcohol culture as defined by the Alcohol Cultures Framework. There are no age restrictions on this category.

Please note that all submissions will be considered, however funding for Category One submissions will be prioritised.

Up to six projects will share a pool of $1.06 million, over 24 months, to deliver their ideas and make a big impact.

The allocation of funding to the successful projects is intended to be flexible so that VicHealth can tailor funding to the characteristics of the individual projects.


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If you’re an organisation that holds social change dear to your heart, we want you! VicHealth is seeking entrepreneurs, pioneers, big thinkers and change-makers to challenge the status quo, develop an idea and make a positive impact on alcohol culture.

We welcome submissions from a diverse range of organisations that may include, rural organisations, the arts sector, music industry, digital (e.g. video game or app designers), media organisations, radio, industry, bloggers, community groups, sports clubs, innovation specialists and a wide range of other organisations.

To clarify, the term ‘industry’ includes a broad range of industries such as construction, music and hospitality among others. In terms of the alcohol industry, this definition includes venues or licensees such as a sports bar (considering we are targeting sports bar drinking culture); however please note that alcohol producers are not eligible to apply for funding.

Organisations may be located in other Australian states or territories, however, project activities must be delivered in Victoria to benefit Victorian residents. Applicants are strongly encouraged to outline their ability to engage with VicHealth and La Trobe University (evaluation partner) for the life of the project.

All applications comply with the Initiative’s Funding Conditions and VicHealth’s Terms and Conditions. (See "Important Documents" below.)

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 Activity Date

Opening date

Monday 20 March 2017

Briefing session

10:00–11:00 AM, Thursday 30 March 2017

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12:00 PM, Monday 1 May 2017

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Monday 22 May 2017

Funding commences

Monday 29 May 2017