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Submissions are now closed.

Please note, the VicHealth NHMRC Partnership Project Grant round will be advertised concurrently with the ARC Linkage Projects Grant round. Applicants will be able to apply to VicHealth to partner on only one of these Commonwealth grants. Applicants are strongly advised to review the Funding Rules for both Commonwealth grants to guide their decision.


The NHMRC Partnership Project Grant is for organisations applying to the NHMRC who wish to have VicHealth represented as an industry partner in their full application to the NHMRC.

VicHealth is interested in being an industry partner for projects that will support health promotion and public health research and development.

As an industry partner, VicHealth aims to:

  • Encourage and develop strategic research partnerships between higher education institutions and practitioners and policy makers to advance knowledge in health promotion and public health.
  • Support small cross disciplinary teams working on practical problems that have the potential to generate large health gains for Victorian population groups.
  • Generating applied research outcomes that can be used to make a difference to the health of Victorians.
  • Generate research and knowledge that is immediately useful for health promotion practice.
  • Increase the communication and translation of research in innovative ways.
  • Develop partnerships between policy makers, influencers, and practitioners.

Eligibility and process

To be considered for funding, a research project must address at least one of the strategic imperatives in the VicHealth Action Agenda for Health Promotion, and a research priority outlined in the Grant Guideline.

Projects must also be aligned with VicHealth’s health promotion approach which focuses on the primary prevention of non-communicable diseases.

There will be a two-stage application process to VicHealth. Applications will be rigorously assessed before funding in principle is offered. If successful with the NHMRC, VicHealth funding will commence in the 2018/2019 financial year.

Stage 1: Expression of Interest

Applicants can apply online by completing a short EOI which will cover:

  • Administering organisation details
  • Project Contact/Chief Investigator
  • Project title and timelines
  • Research team 
  • VicHealth strategic imperative and research priority addressed
  • Project summary
  • Potential or confirmed partner organisations

Stage 2: VicHealth Full Application

Shortlisted applicants will be required to complete a VicHealth Full Application, expanding on research objectives, outcomes and methodology.


VicHealth will provide between $25,000 and $50,000 cash plus $12,500 in-kind support per annum for up to three years. If successful with the NHMRC, VicHealth funding will commence in the 2018/2019 financial year.

Who can apply?

Applications must be submitted from researchers at an eligible administering institution.

It is preferable that the research be conducted in Victoria, and be about Victorians. A minimum of 50% of the research project must be conducted in Victoria. The administering organisation may be based interstate.

Key Dates

 Activity Date
 Opening date for Stage 1: Expression of Interest  9am, Monday 18th April 2016
 Closing date for Stage 1: Expression of Interest  3pm, Friday 13th May 2016
 Announcement of Shortlisted Applications for Stage 2: VicHealth Full Application  Friday 10th June 2016
 Opening date for Stage 2: VicHealth Full Application
 9am, Monday 13th June 2016
 Closing date for Stage 2: VicHealth Full Application  3pm, Friday 8th July 2016
 Peer Review Process  July – September 2016
 Announcement  Mid September 2016
 NHMRC Partnership Projects Grant, Cycle 2 closes 
 7th December 2016
 Commencement of VicHealth funding (if successful with the NHMRC)  2018/2019 financial year

Before you apply

  1. Read the 2016 VicHealth NHMRC Partnership Projects Grant Guideline
  2. Read the VicHealth Action Agenda for Health Promotion 2013-2023
  3. Review the NHMRC Partnership Projects Funding Rules 
  4. Review the NHMRC  Advice and Instructions to Applicants 
  5. Decide which Commonwealth grant best suits your research project. You can only apply to VicHealth to be an industry partner on EITHER an ARC Linkage Projects Grant OR an NHMRC Partnership Project Grant.
For VicHealth NHMRC Partnership Projects enquiries, please contact Emma Cook at

See our Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

Research reporting

Annual progress reports are to be submitted plus a final report which includes two items.

Annual progress report
  1. Completion of the Progress Report template
Final report
  1. Completion of the Final Report template, and
  2. 3,000 - 5,000 word research summary

The research summary should be suitable to be made available on the VicHealth website for stakeholders interested in the outcomes of the research project. Please include an introduction, objectives, methodology and then focus on the findings and recommendations for future policy, practice and research in this area. Please use non-specialist plain language and references where appropriate.

The completed reports should be sent by email to and the VicHealth contract manager.

Please ensure the VicHealth Project ID is in the header of the report document, and also in the subject box when submitting your report by email.